Anton Lavey Last Words, Biography, and Works

Famous Satanist Anton Lavey’s last words were “What did I do, what’s wrong”, detailing the last moments before his death. He is the founder of the First Church of Satan and the author of the Satanic Bible.

Anton Lavey last words depicted that at the last moment, Anton was terrified to realize that he had let himself be deceived by the devil and is now facing eternal hell.

The Satanic Bible, issued by Anton Lavey in 1969, is the main document outlining the beliefs and principles of the Satanic church. It is considered the authoritative text of the Satanists, but it is not regarded as a sacred text as the Bible has for Christians.

Who is Anton Lavey?

Who is Anton Lavey?
Who is Anton Lavey?

Howard Stanton Levey (born April 11, 1930, died October 29, 1997), known as Anton Szandor Lavey, is Satanist. The founder and high priest of the church of Satan is also the author of the Satanic Bible.

Satanist scholars Per Faxneld and Jesper Aa. Peterson called Anton “the most iconic figure in the Satan environment”, while Asbion Drendel called him “the founder of modern Satanism.”

The sociologist James R. Lewis pointed out in his 2001 survey of Satanists that, to his surprise, his findings “unanimously pointed to the core of Lavey’s influence on modern Satanism.”

As a result, he “concluded that despite his heavy dependence on previous thinkers, Anton directly attributed the creation of Satanism to a serious religious movement (as opposed to a purely literary movement).”

Biography of Anton Lavey (Anton Lavey Last Words)

Biography of Anton Lavey
Biography of Anton Lavey (Anton Lavey Last Words)

Anton was born in Chicago, Illinois, from liquor dealers Gertrude Augusta Coulton and Michael Joseph Lavey of Omaha, Nebraska.

 His family quickly moved to California, where he spent most of his early life, and later lived in the San Francisco Bay Area and later Globe in Arizona. According to his biography, his ancestors can be traced back to stocks in France, Alsace, Germany, Russia, and Romania. (Anton Lavey Last Words)

When he tried various musical instruments, his parents supported the development of his musical ability. His favorite is the keyboard such as pipe organ and organ.

Anton’s biography describes his experience of joining the circus and carnival after dropping out of high school. First, he was a blacksmith and cage boy performing with a big cat, and later became a musician playing a wooden flute. Later, he worked as an organist in bars, lounges, and nightclubs, and held many jobs. (Anton Lavey Last Words)

Later, it was also questioned whether Lavey had ever worked with the police because there is no record to prove this claim. Lavey met and married Carole Lansing in 1952, who gave birth to his first daughter Karla Lavey.

After Lavey was accepted by Diane Hegarty in 1960, they “divorced”. Hegarty and Lavey have never been married, but she has been his companion for many years and gave birth to his second daughter Zeena Galatea Lavey in 1964. (Anton Lavey Last Words)

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Lavey merged the ideas and ceremonial practices of the Satanic church with the ideas of Ayn Rand, Friedrich Nietzsche, Arist Crowley, Mencken, and Jack London Influence, and quoted Ragener Red Hood’s “may be correct and correct” excerpt in the article.

John Dee’s “Satanized” version of “Enochian Keys” completed the creation of this book, such as “The Satanic Bible”, “The Satanic Witch” and “The Satanic Ritual”.

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What were the famous Anton Levy Last words?

What were the famous Anton Levy Last words?
What were the famous Anton Levy Last words? (Anton Lavey Last Words)

Anton Lavey revealed that most of the claims in his life were incorrect. Anton Lavey’s last words and end-of-life confession are: “I feel wrong about what I have done in this life.”

He built the Devil’s Church, which is an important part of preaching about living on the dark side, but in the end, a few minutes before his death, he told himself in front of the camera that he had been deceived by the devil all his life and now he was going to hell. (Anton Lavey Last Words)

Are Anton Lavey’s Last Words Signifying the Importance of God?

Are Anton Lavey’s Last Words Signifying the Importance of God?
Are Anton Lavey’s Last Words Signifying the Importance of God? (Anton Lavey Last Words)

Yes, we can see that through the Anton Lavey’s last words that he made a big mistake throughout his life preaching Satan and not worshipping God or believing in the Holy Bible.

Sadly, it was not just his soul that fell into the abyss of hell that day was burning. His spiritual bond still attracts millions of people to follow the god of this world into his eternal sanctuary.

2 Corinthians 4:4 “The God of this world blinded those who did not believe in their eyes, lest the image of God glorify the gospel of Christ’s glory.” (Anton Lavey Last Words)

To be sure, if Anton Lavey had not been redeemed according to God’s terms before his death, he would go to hell. This requires repentance, faith.

Matthew 25:41 “You curse away from me and go to the eternal fire to prepare for the devil and his angels”-Jesus Christ, Revelation 12:9

Then the big snake was abandoned, the old snake was called the devil And Satan, this deceived the whole world: he was driven out of the earth, and his messenger was also driven out of him.

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Anton Lavey work in Satanism (Anton Lavey Last Words)

Lavey said that the existence of Satanism is not moral practice or worship of the actual antichrist, but a moral egoism.

Lavey believes that traditional religion is essentially hypocritical and dangerously restrains the physical tendencies and emotional needs that are vital to human life.

He claimed that his Satanist brand was inspired by his teenage boy, and he noticed that the man he saw in the church on Sunday prayed to God for pardon as he saw in the comic performance on Saturday night. (Anton Lavey Last Words)

Lavey’s Satanism is atheistic: the confrontation between God and Satan represents the struggle between hypocrisy and oppression, indulgence and liberation for him.

Lavey is also not an anarchist, he instructs followers to obey the law, and he teaches that indulgence in enjoyment is only beneficial without harming others.

Lavey’s character is always greater than that of Satan’s church. Satan’s church has never had more than 2,000 members, and in 1975 a split group, the Temple of Seoul, was established in response to Lavey’s sale of higher-level church offices.

His popularity has been enhanced by his popular books, the most famous of which is the Satanic Bible. (Anton Lavey Last Words)


Anton Lavey’s last words are listed in various places as being “Oh my, oh my, what have I done, there is something very wrong… there is something very wrong….”.

However, there is no evidence that he did say these words. His daughter, who was present at his deathbed, announced his death at a press conference and never mentioned any last words. (Anton Lavey Last Words)

As you can see, Anton Lavey completely prepared Satanism, he hijacked other religious symbols that are good for his means, to create a popular for people like Hollywood culture.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Why is Anton Lavey sometimes called “Dr. Lavey”?

Anton Lavey did not hold a Ph.D. or anything similar from an accredited university. He had never said that he did. Lavey was given a doctorate in Satanic Theology by the Council of Nine of the Church of Satan.

Did Anton Lavey have more than three children?

No. He had two daughters, Karla Maritza Lavey and Zeena Galatea Lavey, and one son, Satan Xerxes Carnacki Lavey. You will find Christian evangelists on line fraudulently claiming to be sons or daughters of Anton Lavey.

How did Anton Lavey die?

Having a long-standing valvular problem that is associated with rheumatic heart disease, Anton LaVey had a kind of massive cardiac arrhythmia after several events of internal bleeding had been treated in hospital during the late summer of 1997. He died on October the 29th, in St. Mary’s Hospital, a Catholic hospital associated with the University of San Francisco.