Amdusias Demon [Christian Demonology]

Amdusias (aka Amduscias, Amdukias, or Ambduscias) is the 57th demon of the Ars Goetia who commands 29 legions of spirits and demons, with the rank of the Great Demon King.

Amdusias is depicted as a demon with claws instead of feet and hands, the head of the Unicorn, & a trumpet to depict his thunderous voice. His voice is heard in storms followed by the sounds of trumpets.

Origin and History

During the 1916s, a group of occultists managed to summon and contain the demon king Amdusias, hoping to control and rule the demon. However, this attempt failed miserably because of Edward Grey, who killed these occultists and sent the demon back to hell.

Amdusias Demon Origin and Folklore
Amdusias Demon Origin and Folklore

This made the demon extremely angry, who then dragged Edward down with himself. He then punished Edward with the gift of Eternal Life for dragging him back to the underworld.

It is believed that he tore Edward into shreds and left him near the banks of the river Acheron, to die.

“Edward Grey. You have denied me green fields to burn, oceans to boil, so I curse you with eternal life as torn pieces on the banks of the Acheron”

Amdusias curses Sir Edward Grey.  

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Amdusias Appearance and Personality

Demon Amdusias is the demon in charge of the cacophonous music in Hell, with the power to bend trees at his will. He is associated with thunder, and his voice is often heard during windy storms.

He is depicted as a human with claws that are accompanied by the sounds of trumpets on his arrival, while all his musical instruments are heard; none have ever been seen by anyone.

Folklore and Mystical Powers

Below are some of the mystical powers of the demon, that are often found in the books of ancient demonology –

  • Lightning and Thunder Manipulation –

He can shoot lightning and thunder from his bare hands, which on impact has the capability of incinerating angels and humans.

  • Powers of the Ars Goetia –

He has been gifted by his colleagues the mystical powers of Goetia that allow him supreme mastery over hellfire and shape the battlefield as per his desires.

He uses this power to incinerate anything of his desire and possesses the gift of invisibility.

  • Sage of Singhings –

The demon has the power to create flying ghostly heads, which can destroy any area with fire blasts.

  • Thunderous Shockwaves –

He has the power to punch anyone angel or demon with thunderous shockwaves that can bring instant death and the impact of which could spread to more than 5000 km.

  • Umbrakinesis –

He can shoot lightning bolts of pure darkness that can vaporize a living being can kill an angel, archon, Archuleta, and djinn.

He can create huge lightning bolts and shoot them from the hands or the mouth. He can decide if the darkness assimilates the opponent.

  • Dies Irae –

It translates to “Day of Wrath“. Amdusias raises his hand in the air, creating a portal above his target that fires a huge, dark-colored lightning bolt.


Amdusias, or Amduscias, is the 57th demon of the Ars Goetia. He has 29 legions of demons and spirits under his command and has the rank of the Great Demon King.

Amdusias Chanting – 1 Hr long video