Amaymon [Christian Demonology]

A lot of demons are mentioned in the Hebrew Bible who is praised and worshipped by the followers of the Christian religion all around the world.

The Amaymon is the prince of hell who is believed to have toxic breath. He is depicted as a tall and strong-built demon who is seen carrying a spear in his hand with flares and fire in the background.

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Origin and History

Origin and History of Amaymon
Origin and History

In demonology, Amaymon (Amaimon, or Amoymon) is a Prince of Hell, and, as per a few Grimoires, the one in particular who has control over Asmodai.

An inquisitive quality of this Spirit is asserted in practically all duplicates of the Goetia in English, to mind that during the Evocation of Asmodai to noticeable appearance, the Exorcist must stand upstanding with his cap or headdress eliminated in a demonstration of regard, for if he doesn’t it is Amaymon who will beguile him and fate all his work.

As indicated by Joseph H. Peterson, proofreader of “The Lesser Key of Solomon” this is an unusual interpretation of si Vero coopertus fuerit by Scot in his “Discoverie of Witchcraft” which contains an interpretation by Scot of Pseudomonarchia Daemonum by Johannes Weyer.

Peterson’s release incorporates as an addendum, a duplicate of Weyer’s Pseudomonarchia Daemonum in the first Latin where we discover Cum hujus official exercise exorcist, fit fortis, cautious and in pedibus stans: si Vero coopertus fuerit, ut in omnibus detegatur.

Efficient: Quod si non-fecerit exorcista, stomach muscle Amaymone in cunctis decipietur which means When the exorcist plays out his workplaces, he ought to be solid, mindful and remaining on his feet: if he will be overpowered he will achieve it that in everything he is unprotected.

But on the off chance that the exorcist doesn’t, by Amaymon he will be bamboozled in entirety.

In the first content by Johannes Weyer, there isn’t anything about taking off tops or hoods while bringing out Asmodeus.

The inquisitive trademark imitated in each known English content of the Goetia appears to emerge from sluggishness concerning Scot and ages of recorders reproducing the English content without checking the first Latin.

Facts Related to Amaymon

Origin and History of Amaymon
Origin and History

Amaymon is said to have a fatal toxic breath.

The Lesser Key of Solomon expresses the Exorcist or sorcerer must be in control of a Silver Ring, appropriately blessed and worn on the center finger as a type of insurance against this harmful astral breath.

As per Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, he is the King of the West, even though for certain interpretations of The Lesser Key of Solomon he is King of the East (Although a few interpretations of The Lesser Key of Solomon consider Belial, Beleth, Asmodai, and Gaap rulers of the four cardinal headings, however not giving subtlety on the cardinal point each standard).

As indicated by the grimoire The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage deciphered by S.L. MacGregor Mathers, Amaymon (as Amaimon) was one of the eight Sub-Princes, depicted as an Egyptian villain whom Abramelin controlled from working evil from the third hour till early afternoon and from the ninth till night.

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In the Media

In the Media
In the Media
  • Amaimon shows up as a character in the manga and anime Blue Exorcist.
  • Amaymon shows up as a character in the manga and anime Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun.

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The Amaymon is believed to be the ruler of the hell and the prince of all the evil spirits residing beneath the surface of the earth. He has many magical powers which makes him very strong and difficult to defeat, the main power being of toxic breath.

In Christian demonology, he is considered to be the strong oppose of those who are not following the rules and are not on the path of righteousness.