Amavas Significance and Folklore

Amavas is a day when the moon is not visible at night, which is why it is also called a moonless day. It is of great significance in the Hindu religion because many devotees today offer sacrifices to their deceased ancestors. Therefore, the argument that Amavas should be considered auspicious or unlucky has always existed.

Amavas refers to the night of the new moon on the first and fourth days of the first lunar month. On that day, despite the existence of the moon, the naked eye could not see it, so it was called a moonless day.

Amavas or the days without the moon are the days of the lunar new moon. Many people think that Amavasya’s day is unlucky because people think it is the night with the strongest evil forces. If you have heard of black magic, then you must know that its effect is very prominent on Amavasya.

What is the Significance of Amvas in Astronomy?

What is the Significance of Amavas in Astronomy?
What is the Significance of Amvas in Astronomy?

When Chandra (Moon) before the intersection, the angular distance between Surya and Chandra was within 12 degrees, this day was called Amavas (Dark Moon Tithi).

In the traditional Indian calendar, the Amvas (No Moon Day) commemoration of the Jisha Tower is called Jyeshtha Amvas. This day is not auspicious. On this day, negative energy, harmful abilities, and evil eyes become too powerful.

Negative energy, harmful power, black magic, and evil eyes are free. On this day, any work or travel on Amavas will not succeed. This is why Hindu believers should not work or travel.

The solar eclipse is considered to be a favorable option for tantra worship, Kaal Sharp Dosha related worship, black magic, and Shraadhas rituals.

Does Amvas have an adverse impact on Human Beings?

Does Amavas have an adverse impact on Human Beings?
Does Amavs have an adverse impact on Human Beings?

Amavs is considered unlucky, and its negative effects are also evident in human life. It has adverse effects on the human body and human nature and behavior. Its consequences can also be seen in newborn babies.

To understand the impact of the moon on Amavs’ night, you need to understand the phases of the moon and how they affect our energy, thoughts, and behavior.

Both Poornima and Amvas affect nature and personality. It is often seen that on Amvasya, it is our subconscious mind or mind that is vulnerable, and on the night of the full moon, our feelings and behaviors are affected.

During Amavs our physical and mental state is slightly out of balance. That night, all our feelings and emotions increased. Some people can’t even control their senses and act weirdly during Amavas.

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What is the Significance of Ashadha Amvas in Astrology?

What is the Significance of Ashadha Amavas in Astrology?
What is the Significance of Ashadha Amavs in Astrology?

According to religious texts, Amvasya Tithi of every month is considered to be best for Pitrukram. But according to popular folk beliefs, the new moon of Ashadha month has some special significance.

This month is the beginning of the rainy season and it is said that Pitru Ashadha comes to receive food and water from his family on the new moon day.

Therefore, a large number of Pitrams are performed on the banks of holy rivers on the day of Ashadha Amavs. And to pacify the fathers, big yajna rituals are performed on the river bank, due to which the Ashadha Amavas is also known as Pitrukarma Amavasya.

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Things to do in Ashadha Amavs

  1. On this day, perform tarpan and paternal work for the ancestors. Pitradosh will be prevented by this.
  2. If you are having problems related to fathers, then donate food to poor people for the sake of fathers, provide them food.
  3. If the person is suffering from Saturn or Mars then offer jasmine oil, vermilion, and Chola in Hanuman temple on Ashada Amavasya. Offer Besan ke Laddoo to Hanuman Ji.
  4. For the salvation of fathers, take a dip in their name in the Ganges on this day, there will always be happiness and happiness in the house.

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Why is Amavs associated with Black magic?

Why is Amavas associated with Black magic
Why is Amavs associated with Black magic

Amavs is considered a night, and all activities related to black magic or demons are more prominent. Some people even avoid going out of the house tonight. People even observe strict fasting on this day to stop all these evil souls and worship God Shiva exclusively.

Since this is the darkest night, most cultures regard Amavasya as an unlucky day. It is believed that the ubiquitous energy at this time will adversely affect our physical and mental health.

 This time of the month is dedicated to prayer, sacrifice, and commemoration of our ancestors. Although some traditional workers are reluctant to work on Amavasya, this day also avoids any auspicious work or the start of a trip.

Many devotees observe the success of Amvas Vrat (fasting), happiness and seek the blessings of their ancestors.

The night of Amavas is also considered unlucky because the evil power is currently considered the most powerful. Some people even carried out black magic and “Tantrik” activities to produce more powerful effects during this time.

What is the Significance of Amavs Vrat?

What is the Significance of Amavas Vrat?
What is the Significance of Amavs Vrat?

It is said that fasting on Amavsya day can bring many benefits to devotees. It can be observed that there is a specific Amavsya date in the year of Amavs Vrat. Fasting on Amavs can get rid of a crime of the past and give them a feeling of peace.

Observing Amavsya Vrat can bless a person for success, prosperity, health, wealth, and love. In addition to fasting, Amvasya Pooja can stop all evil forces and fill your house with positive energy. Amvasya is a day to commemorate our ancestors and seek their blessings.

Amvasya Dates in 2020

Amavasya Dates in 2020
Amavasya Dates in 2020
TithiDateAmavas Vrat
Magha Amvasya24th Jan 2020Darsha Amvasya, Magha Amavasya, Mauni Amavas
Phalguna Amvasya23rd Feb 2020Phalguna Amvasya
Chaitra Amvasya24th Mar 2020Chaitra Amvasya
Vaishakha Amvasya23rd Apr 2020Vaishakha Amvasya
Jyeshta Amvasya22nd May 2020Shani Jayanti, Vat Savitri Vrat
Ashadha Amvasya21st Jun 2020Ashadha Amvasya
Shravana Amvasya20th Jul 2020Shravana Amvasya
Bhadrapada Amvasya19th Aug 2020Pithori Amvasya
Ashwin Amvasya17th Sept 2020Sarva Pitru Amvasya, Sarvapitri Darsha Amavasya
Ashwin Amvasya16th Oct 2020Ashwin Amvasya
Kartik Amavsya15th Nov 2020Diwali, Kartika Amvasya,
Marghashirsha Amavsya14th Dec 2020Margashirsha Amvasya


Amavs has important religious significance in Hinduism. Now is the perfect time to remember the ancestors and undead family members and worship them. It is believed that on the day when there is no moonlight, the sunlight reaches them.

There is also a belief that on this day, the deceased ancestors came to the ground to visit their children and descendants. Since Amavas marks the beginning of a new moon, some people think this is a new starting point and a good day to carry out the necessary activities.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Why is Amavsya dangerous?

It holds great significance in the Hindu faith as many of the devotees make offerings to their dead ancestors on this day. Amvasya or no moon day is the day of the new Lunar month. The day of Amvas is considered as inauspicious by many as it is believed that it is the night when the evil spirits are the strongest.

How does Amvasya happen?

The moon revolves around the Earth and completes around in 28 days or so Amvasya occurs on 15th Day of Vadhya Paksha as per Hindu Panchang when the planetary positions in the sky are that Moon is on another side of Earth i.e. Geographical India from where Moon is not visible on that day ( Night ).

Is Amvasya good for marriage?

It is the distance between the Sun and Moon in the galaxy. The Moon is invisible on Amvasya. Even though considered a good day, auspicious events like marriages are not conducted on that day. Chaturdasi, the day before and Prathamai tithi that comes a day after Amvasai are also considered inauspicious days.

Can we do pooja on Amvasya?

All Amvasya days are significant to perform Shraddha ceremonies to mollify ancestors. Many people fast or do pooja/ Sadhana on Amvasya day (new moon day) in the Hindu schedule. Many people also perform havan for their ancestors and offer donations and foods to the Brahmans.

Why do we fast Amvasya?

It is believed that a fast on this particular Amvasya would ward off widow-hood in women and ensure the bearing of progeny. It is also believed that all desires could be fulfilled if one fast on this Amvasya.