Allu [Akkadian Mythology]

The Akkadian mythology, the demons, and evil spirits have been given special honor and respect due to the fear associated with them along with the short temper and their ferocious nature.

The Allu is a soul of the Utukku which lives in the world of Kur and has no mouth, ears, or lips. It is considered to be a satanic animal from the Akkadian mythology who famous for bringing the wrath on mankind.

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History and Origin of Allu

History and Origin of Allu
History and Origin of Allu

In Akkadian and Sumerian folklore, he is a wrathful soul of the Utukku that goes down to the hidden world Kur. The devil has no mouth, lips, or ears.

It wanders around evening time and unnerves individuals while they sleep, and ownership by Allu brings about obviousness and coma, thusly it looks like animals.

For example, the Mara, and incubus, which are conjured to clarify rest loss of motion. In Akkadian and Sumerian folklore, it is related to different evil presences like Gallu and Lilu.

In the Ancient Texts

In the Ancient Texts
In the Ancient Texts

Stephen Herbert Langdon (1864) cites a translation of a cuneiform script by Major-General Sir H. C. Rawlinson. From v Pl. 50, A, line 42:

Whom in his bed the wicked Allu covered,

Whom the wicked ghost by night overwhelmed.

Langdon stated that Allu is androgynous and “attacks a man’s breast”.

The following passage quoted by Langdon shows the modus operandi of the Utukku:

The wicked Utukku who slays man alive on the plain.

The wicked Allu who covers (man) like a garment.

The wicked Etimmu, the wicked Gallû, who bind the body.

Lamme (Lamashtu), the Lammea (Labasu), causes disease in the body.

The Lilu who wanders in the plain.

They have come nigh unto a suffering man on the outside.

They have brought about a painful malady in his body.

The curse of evil has come into his body.

An evil goblin they have placed in his body.

An evil bane has come into his body.

The evil poison they have placed in his body.

An evil malediction has come into his parts.

Evil and trouble they have placed in his body.

Poison and taint have come into his body.

They have produced evil.

Evil being, evil face, evil mouth, evil tongue.

Sorcery, venom, slaver, wicked machinations,

Which are produced in the body of the sick man.

O woe for the sick man whom thy cause to moan like a šąharrat.

(Langdon, 357, 362, 364)

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Etymology of Allu

Etymology of Allu

The Allu (“to associate”) are a race of devils that were conceived of the relationship between Lilitu (Lillith) and human men while they rested or between the demoness and one of her devilish workers.

These anonymous, frightful satanic animals from Akkadian and Sumerian folklore obliterate all that they experience. On the off chance that, he was conceived from the joining among Lilitu and a man, the evil presence will inevitably re-visitation of his dad and hold up by his bedside as the man is going to bite the dust.

Once there the evil presence will attempt to grab up his spirit as it leaves his body, making its dad into a phantom, unfit to disregard to the opposite side.

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The Allu is a frightening animal look alike soul who belongs to the Akkadian mythology and is worshipped by the people because of his ferocious look and short-tempered nature.

He is depicted without having a nose, ears, or lips and is feared because of his wild appearance by the people.