Alastor [Christian Demonology]

In the Christian demonology, the demons and evil spirts have been of utmost importance because of their anger and ferocious nature and their long term relationship with the Gods.

Alastor in Christian demonology is believed to be an angry and ferocious demon having negative entity. He was compared to Nemesis. The name Alastor was likewise utilized as a nonexclusive term for a class of abhorrent spirits.

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Personality of Alastor

Personality of Alastor
Personality of Alastr

Alastor’s conduct, peculiarities, and even his voice are like a good old radio commentator; for example, when he alludes to present day TV as an “image show” and alludes to Charlie as “beguiling devil beauty”.

Alastr goes amiss from the coarse nature conspicuous in Hell for an affable persona. In this way, he is continually grinning and acts amenably. He smiles constantly in light of the fact that he trusts it shows force and predominance.

On the off chance that an opponent was to grimace, he would consider them to be weak. He is narcissistic, not seeing numerous individuals very up to his level.

In any case, that doesn’t make him foolish. Regardless of being amazingly incredible, Alastr is completely mindful that there are different evil presences and substances that rival him as far as force, for example, the Overlords.

Thus, he is watchful around such evil presences, as they might hurt him on the off chance that he isn’t careful. Alastr likewise appears to have an ethical compass against the sexual and be griddled society of Hell, which is really “not ordinary”.

Nonetheless, he has been noted to be very twisted and to have masochistic propensities, supposed to be primitive and eating up lesser devils.



Alastr is about a similar stature as Vox, with both of them remaining at 7″. He is very thin, with Kahki hued skin, and sharp yellow teeth.

He sports a short red calculated sway cut with dark cowlicks stretching out from the head of his head, taking after deer ears, and two little dark prongs which can develop in size while in his devilish structure.

His eyes, have red scleras, splendid red irises, dark understudies (which can change into radio dials when in his evil presence structure), and wears a dark oval-formed monocle over his correct eye.

Alastr wears a dull red pinstriped coat which is marginally battered along the last, a brilliant red dress shirt with a dark cross on the chest underneath and long burgundy dress jeans with coordinating splendid red sleeves.

He is likewise wearing a red-tiled necktie, burgundy gloves, and dark pointed-toe boots with red deer hoof prints embellished on the soles. Alastr additionally conveys a slim stick with an aware vintage style receiver appended to it which he uses to play audio cues and broadcast his voice.

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Special Abilities of Alastor

Special Abilities of Alastor
Special Abilities of Alastor
  • Shadow Manipulation: Alastor can call shadows and control them into doing his offering.
  • Eldritch Control: He has demonstrated examples of having powers that make red sparkling images drift around him.
  • Spatial Warping: He can get around with the assistance of his shadow. This was first demonstrated when he transports behind Charlie and Vaggie in the wake of entering the inn unexpectedly.
  • Entrance Creation: Alastor can get around effectively just as transport others effectively through the entries he makes. This is indicated when he pulls Niffty out of a chimney he summons.
  • Voodoo Magic: Alastor grips his clench hand until beads of blood can be viewed as a way to crush Sir Pentious.
  • Pyrokinesis: He brings a wad of fire to occupy Charlie as he pushes Vaggie away before beginning his repeat.
  • Sign: He gathers both Niffty and Husk all of a sudden and causes modest alcohol to show up for Husk.
  • Photokinesis: During his presentation, he is demonstrated to have the option to extend red sparkling light from his eyes just as his mouthpiece.
  • Outfit Alteration: He is equipped for changing the outfits of his objectives just as his own with a snap of a finger without doing it physically.

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The Alastor is an angry demon from the Christian mythology who is believed to be the keeper of spirits and one of the most dangerous supernatural being ever to be recorded in the books of history.

This demon is considered to be the master of shadow manipulation and also the one who has many followers on earth.