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Religion and Belief have been an important part of our society even in the modern era, yet they are extremely personal topics for discussions.

Our mission at WikiReligions is to help you sightsee the practices of your own reliance, appreciate your neighbor’s opinions, and acquaint yourself with the world’s major religions, irrespective of your own religious experience.

Our aim is to create a strong knowledge database of all the world religions that will familiarize us more with one another and to the whole world. It is a one single platform that covers study books, devotionals, prayers and reference material.

Thus, we have tried to cover all the prominent religions of the world including Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism and Taoism.

With our inbuilt practical stack which lets you locate major holy places, learn ancient rites and festivals and gives you the flexibility to share your views, expressions, and knowledge via sharing in various eloquent groups.

Writer and Editorial Guidelines

Our veteran group of writers are full-time preachers, issued authors, qualified clergy, and trainers. They are devoted to helping readers extend their trust or become more acquainted with the world’s religions.

We take great pride in the quality of our content. We produce fact-based, unbiased, well-researched articles that acknowledge the validity of all viewpoints.

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