Abezethibou [Demon of Red Sea]

A lot of demons are present in the Jewish demonology who are known for their fierce looks and deadly features. These demons punish those who are not walking on the path of righteousness.

Abezethibou is a Jewish demon who is mentioned in the pseudepigrapha Testament of Solomon. This demon was sealed in the red sea and was trapped in the pillar of water. He is believed to return for conquest in the future.

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Testament of Solomon

Testament of Solomon
Testament of Solomon

In the Testament of Solomon, when the Solomon summons Beelzebub for an interview then the prince of the demons revealed that an angel whose name was Abezethibou had accompanied him when he fell from heaven.

After this incident, this particular demon became one wind demon who was condemned to hell. He claims that all the people who are present in the Tartarus fall under his control.

This charge comprised the role of this particular team as the primary role and also a burden in the demon world. He opposed Moses and all the Israeli people during the Exodus from Egypt.

He appears before Solomon and informs the king that as an Angel he had sat in Anelouth which was the place he described as the first heaven.

After the Fall, Abezethibou roams around Egypt and after the appeal of Moses to lead the Israeli people to leave Egypt, this resulted in Pharaoh’s heart to harden.

This is considered to be contrary to the traditional Christian view of all the events which are based on the book of an exodus which contents that God hardened the heart of Pharaoh himself.

The testament of Solomon also states that Jannes and Jambres Call upon this particular month when they battle against Moses and this demon provided them with the magical spells.

He also claimed to be the adversity of Moses in performing all the wonders and signs.

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The Pharaoh Incident

The Pharaoh Incident
The Pharaoh Incident

Abezethibou takes credit for turning the pharaoh against Egypt and for inciting the Egyptians to pursue the Israelites in their exodus.

When the special Red Sea falls in on the Egyptians, Abezethibou is trapped with the pillar of air, until the demon Ephippas arrives to take him to King Solomon. Solomon binds Abezethibou and Ephippas to the pillar and commands that they hold it up in the air until the end of time.

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The Abezethibou is a demon in the Jewish demonology who is mentioned with great detail in the pseudepigrapha Testament of Solomon.

It is mentioned in various historical and sacred texts that this demon was buried in the Red sea and was sealed in the pillar of water. Legend says that he is believed to return from the dead sometime in the future for taking revenge.