5 Elements of Nature [पंच महाभूत]

The elementary symbols or the 5 Elements of Nature Are Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Space. Knowledge about these elementary symbols allows one to understand the law of nature.

These 5 elements of Nature are also known as the PanchaMahabhuta. Through willfully working with these elements, we learn how to attain, maintain health and also to enjoy a long and fulfilling life.

What are the 5 Elements of Nature?

As per the Hindu Mythology, several Ancient sacred texts have mentioned about the PanchaMahabhuta or the 5 Elements of Nature, of which the human body is constituted off.

What are the different Qualities of the 5 Elements of Nature
What are the different Qualities of the 5 Elements of Nature

It is believed that after the death of a person; the human body which is made up of those 5 elements are dissolved to that element of nature so that it can balance the cycle of nature.

Let us know to understand these 5 elements of nature, what are its characteristics, and how does it function.

1. Earth

Earth signifies the first element of the elementary symbols. Earth is also known as पृथ्वी in Sanskrit. This element is realized by five senses known as Hearing, Smell, Taste, Touch, and Sight.

Earth: 5 Elements of Nature

The physical body with muscles and bones alludes to Earth. Earth represents robustness. The earth is rigid, hefty, and stable. It can hold something and quit something.

When there is an absence of Earth, at that point your hairs may fall, teeth may get powerless, bones may get weak, the bleeding probably won’t stop, and relationships may be erratic.

On the off chance that there is an abundance of it, the digestion can be difficult, tumors may be shaped in the body.

There should be an ideal balance to have solid physical, mental, and relationship life.

Significance of Earth Element

Earth is the component of strength, roundness, fertility, materiality, potential, and quietness. 5 elements of nature has earth as one of the prime components.

Earth can likewise be a component of beginnings and endings, or demise and rebirth, as life originates from the beginning and then deteriorates once more into the earth after death.

Essential Characteristics Traits of Earth

QualitiesCold, Dry
The direction of Golden DawnNorth
Color of Golden DawnGreen
Magical ToolPentacle
Ruling LordMercury
Zodiac SignsTaurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Time of DayMidnight
Essential Characteristics Traits of Earth and 5 elements of nature

2. Water

Water signifies the second element of the elementary symbols. Water is also known as जल in Sanskrit. This component has no smell yet can be heard, felt, seen, and tasted.

Water: Five elements of nature

In the human body, blood and other liquid are an indication of Water. 5 elements of nature has water as one of the key components.

Water stands to coolness. It assists with lubricating up and has durable properties. Water is truly adaptable and can take any shape when filled with any glass.

An abundance of water, in any case, can cause an expansion in the body.

Water additionally speaks to versatility and adaptability, which are crucial parts of a relationship as a relationship needs adjustments and influences.

Significance of Water Element

Water is the component of feeling and the unconscious, rather than the mindful intellectualism of air. Water is one of two components that have a physical presence that can interface with all of the physical senses.

Water is as yet thought to be less material and along these lines predominant to earth since it has more movement and action than earth.

Essential Characteristics Traits of Water

QualitiesCold, Moist
The direction of Golden DawnWest
Color of Golden DawnBlue
Magical ToolCup
Ruling LordMoon, Venus
Zodiac SignsCancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Time of DaySunset
Essential Characteristics Traits of Water and 5 elements of nature

3. Air

Air signifies the third element of the elementary symbols. Air is also known as वायु in Sanskrit. Air can be felt and heard but one can’t see the air. In the human body, the oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body indicates to Air.

Air: Five elements of nature

The air implies the unstable drive, cold and dry. Air must flow perfectly in life to have steadiness. It is viewed as one of the most significant factors in Pranayama.

On the off chance that the wind flows quickly, at that point it can cause jerking of muscles, unstable relationships, flickering mind intellectually.

Also, if there is less measure of wind, it can bring about an absence of thoughts, no bowel movement, low blood pressure, laziness, lack of spark in the relationship.

If you are thinking about a business, at that point, an absence of wind can bring about an absence of footfall.

Significance of Air Element

Air is the element of intelligence, creativity, and beginnings. Largely intangible and without permanent form, the air is an active, masculine element, superior to the more material elements of water and earth.

Essential Characteristics Traits of Air

QualitiesWarm, Moist
The direction of Golden DawnEast
Color of Golden DawnYellow
Magical ToolWand
Ruling LordSaturn
Zodiac SignsGemini, Libra, Aquarius
Time of DayMorning, Sunrise
Essential Characteristics Traits of Air and 5 elements of nature

4. Fire

Fire signifies the fourth element of the elementary symbols. Fire is also known as अग्नि in Sanskrit. It tends to be heard, felt, and seen.

Fire: Five elements of nature

Fire implies heat that makes things develop, helps with dissolving and refinement. Agni can change anything like it can change solid to fluid, fluid to gas.

When there is an equalization of fire, at that point it can dissolve the cysts of an ovary, fibroids of a uterus, osteophytes of joints, and spine.

Nonetheless, on the off chance that there is an increase of fire, at that point it can increase the burning of the chest, dark urine with burning, anger, aggression, and others.

 On the off chance that fire is absent, at that point it can lessen craving, diabetes, absence of creativity and even the warmth of the relationship can decrease.

Significance of Fire Element

Fire is related to quality, movement, blood, and life-power. It is likewise observed as profoundly refining and defensive, consuming impurities, and driving back the obscurity.

Fire is generally observed as the most tenuous and spiritual of the physical components on account of its masculine properties.

It likewise needs physical presence, creates a light, and has a transformative force with regards to contact with the physical material.

Essential Characteristics Traits of Fire

QualitiesWarm, Dry
The direction of Golden DawnSouth
Color of Golden DawnRed
Magical ToolSword
Ruling LordMars and Sun
Zodiac SignsAries, Leo, Sagittarius
Time of DayNoon
Essential Characteristics Traits of Fire and 5 elements of nature

5. Space

Space signifies the fifth and the final element of the elementary symbols. Space is also known as आकाश in Sanskrit. Space is the mode of sound yet is out of reach to every single other sense.

Space: 5 elements of nature

Also, as in the human body, the Athma (Spirit) alludes to Space. Space characterizes the hole between two things, and it is additionally the element of non-obstruction.

Consequently, it discusses distance kept up between our joints, relations, reflections, etc. For example, on the off chance that there is any kind of room that decreased between our joints, at that point, we do feel joint pain.

In like manner, on the off chance that there are any sorts of spaces decreased in the middle of considerations, at that point it can influence our mental wellness.

Indeed, even in the relationship, there should be a certain level of space.

Significance of Space Elements

The component of spirit doesn’t have indistinguishable courses of action of correspondences from the physical components since spirit isn’t physical.

Different frameworks may relate planets, instruments, etc. to it, yet such correspondences are far less normalized than those of the other four components.

There is likewise no standard image for spirit, although circles are normal. Eight-spooked wheels are additionally here and there used to represent the spirit.

Spirit is an extension between the physical and the profound.

In cosmological models, the soul is the short-lived material between the physical and heavenly domains. Inside the miniature, the soul is the extension among the body and soul.

What does the Western Occult Theory state about Elements?

In conventional Western occult theory, the components are progressive: Spirit, fire, air, water, and earth with the primary elements being increasingly spiritual and perfect and the last elements being increasingly material and base.

Some advanced frameworks, for example, Wicca, see the elements as equivalent.

What are the Qualities of the 5 Elements of Nature?

In classical elemental systems, each element has two characteristics, and it imparts every quality to one other element.

What are the different Qualities of the 5 Elements of Nature
What are the different Qualities of the 5 Elements of Nature

Warm and Cold

Every component is either warm or cold, and this relates to a male or female sexual orientation.

This is an unequivocally dichotomous framework, where male characteristics are things like light, warmth, and action, and female characteristics are unclear, formal, dormant, and responsive.

The direction of the triangle is dictated by warmth or briskness, male or female. Male, warm components point upward, rising toward the ethereal domain.

Female, cold components point descending, sinking into the earth.

Moist and Dry

The second pair of characteristics is dampness or dryness. In contrast to the warm and cold characteristics, moist and dry characteristics don’t promptly relate to different ideas.

Elements of Opposite Nature

Since every element imparts one of its characteristics to one other element, which leaves one element random.

For instance, the air is moist like water and warm like fire, however, it shares nothing in common with the earth.

These restricting elements are on inverse sides of the chart and are recognized by the presence or absence of the crossbar inside the triangle:

  1. Air and earth are contrary energies and have the crossbar
  2. Water and fire are additionally alternate extremes and come up short on the crossbar.

Is there any Hierarchy of Elements in the Elemental Pentagram?

There is traditionally a hierarchy of elements, although some modern schools of thought have abandoned this system.

Is there any Hierarchy of Elements in the Elemental Pentagram
Hierarchy of Elements in the Elemental Pentagram

The lower elements in the hierarchy are more material and physical, with the higher elements becoming more spiritual, more rarefied, and less physical.

That hierarchy can be traced through this diagram. Earth is the least, most material element. Hovering clockwise from the earth you get water, and then air and then fire, which is the least material of the elements.

The pentagram has spoken to numerous assorted implications throughout the hundreds of years. Since in any event the Renaissance, one of its affiliations is with the five components.

Arrangement of 5 Elements of Nature

Generally, there is a progressive system among the components going from the most profound and thin to the least otherworldly and generally material.

This chain of importance decides the situation of components around the pentagram.

Beginning with soul, the most noteworthy component, we plummet to fire, at that point follow the lines of the pentagram over to air, across to water, and practical, the least and generally material of the components.

The last line among earth and soul finish the geometric shape.

The direction of these Elements

The issue of a pentagram being point-up or point-down just picked up significance in the nineteenth century and has an inseparable tie to the plan of components.

A point-up pentagram came to symbolize soul administering over the four physical components, while a point-down pentagram symbolized soul being incorporated by issue or slipping into an issue.

From that point forward, some have rearranged those relationships.

This is commonly not the situation of the individuals who normally work with point-down pentagrams, and is regularly not simply the situation of those partner with point-up pentagrams either.

Color of Pentagram

The colors utilized here are those related to every element by the Golden Dawn. These affiliations are regularly obtained by different gatherings too.

What are the Golden Dawn’s Elemental Correspondences?       

Ceremonial occult frameworks generally rely upon frameworks of correspondences: assortments of things that are completely related somehow or another with the ideal objective.

What are the Golden Dawn’s Elemental Correspondences
What are the Golden Dawn’s Elemental Correspondences

While the sorts of correspondences are about unlimited, the relationship between components, seasons, time of day, components, moon stages, and headings have gotten genuinely normalized in the West.

These are much of the time the reason for extra correspondences.

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn systematized a portion of these correspondences in the nineteenth century. Generally striking here are the cardinal bearings.

The Golden Dawn started in England, and the essential correspondences mirror a European point of view. Toward the south are the hotter atmospheres, and subsequently is related to fire.

The Atlantic Ocean deceives the west. The north is cold and considerable, a place where there is the earth yet now and again not a great deal else.

Occultists rehearsing in America or somewhere else once in a while don’t discover these correspondences to work.

Do 5 Elements of Nature have any impact on Cycles?

Cycles are significant features of many mysterious frameworks. Taking a look at every day, month to month, and yearly normal cycles, we discover times of development and biting the dust, totality, and ineffectiveness.

Fire is the component of completion and life, and it is firmly connected with the Sun.

Accordingly, early afternoon and summer would be related to fire. By that equivalent rationale, the full moon ought to likewise be in a similar class.

Earth is the other way as fire and accordingly relates to noon, winter, and the new moon.

While these things may speak to infertility, all the more frequently they are illustrative of potential and change; where the old offers a path to the new; the unfilled richness prepares to take care of new manifestations.

Air is the component of fresh starts, youth, increment, and inattentiveness. All things considered, it is related to spring, the shining moon, and dawn.

Things are developing hotter and more impressive, while plants and creatures bring forth another age.

Water is the component of feeling and intelligence, especially the insight old enough. It speaks to time past the pinnacle of occupation, pushing close to the finish of the cycle.


It can be concluded, that all these 5 elements of nature are essential for the existence of human life on earth.

Water provides contentment in life, whereas Air moves in a body in the form of Oxygen. Space arouses ambition, and earth guides us to be tolerant in life.

Life of human or any kind of living object cannot be imagined in the absence of even one of these five elements.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What are the 5 elements of nature?

When we look at the beauty of nature, we find that five elements provide the foundation for the entire physical world. These 5 elements of nature are Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth.

What is the most powerful element?

The most powerful element is considered to be the space, as it is less materialistic and it cannot be seen. This is termed to be highly spiritualistic and it comes at the top of the hierarchy in elementary symbols.

What are the 7 elements of nature?

The 7 elements of nature are defined as Space, Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Light, Darkness, and Spirit. Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth are also known as the classical elements.

Are there 4 or 5 elements of nature?

Air, Fire, Water, and Earth are the known elements as one can see and feel them both. However, many philosophies and traditions around the world state that Space is the fifth element.

Is sound an elemental symbol?

Sound is only a mechanical wave which means that when particles vibrate there is a change of kinetic energy into the potential energy and vice versa and they also need a material medium to travel which means that sound is not an element.